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Our service benefits

Global Service and Support Worldwide service on the spot

With more than 40 years of experience in inverter technology and more than one million sold inverter, LTI ReEnergy is always a reliable partner. Due to our global service hubs in strategic relevantregions like the USA, Brazil, South Africa, Taiwan, China, India, Turkey and Germany we can demonstrate a quick reaction time. Our profound knowledge concerning the cooperation with grid operating companies and therefore our technical competence for balancing even weak grids is rated highly by our global partner. Our personal dedication to your challenges completes a strong commitment for sustained service solutions.

  • 1. Worldwide presence
    • Excellent tailored service solutions for an optimized ROI due to our global network
  • 2. Life cycle
    • The longest life cycle for the best Key Performance Indicators based on efficient service products
  • 3. Commissioning
    • Maximizing effiency by saving service costs for the installation
  • 4. Local Content
    • Care-free servicing through worldwide available components
    • Significant reduction of maintenance costs because of international standard components
  • 5. Environmental fit
    • Miminal costs of service and maintenance even under harsh conditions thanks to an efficient cooling system

Thanks to these benefits, we can provide different types of service- and maintenance contracts depending on the local requirements. Each contract consists of several service modules. LTI ReEnergy's team of experienced engineers is of course on hand to provide assistance where needed. Our English-speaking hotline offers assistance in diagnostic concerns. The ability to control everything remotely via a VPN is a particularly user-friendly feature. This convenience, including the facility to monitor the power fed-in from each string in a Photovoltaic park online, means that investors and operators are always well informed - especially when it comes to ensuring high availability.

Service for the central inverter incorporates options ranging from guidance on self-help through to a complete backup package provided by our Service department. All turnkey solutions from LTI ReEnergy pairs efficiency in energy conversion with great userfriendliness and ease of maintenance. The PVOne as the core component of the PVMaster III is the"heart" of this system. The power control boards are enclosed in one robust housing (PVOne) which assures fast and easy maintenance and service. Standard industry components and connectivity to monitoring portals permit easy access to the PVMaster III.

German Heart - Local Content Our sophisticated service solutions for your global challenges

German Engineering.International value added support.

Optimized Spare Part Supply

Due to our Service hubs in relevant markets like Brazil, USA, Turkey, South Africa, India and China the reaction time is reduced significantly.

Ensured Availableness

LTI ReEnergy has an international network including financial and logistic partner. Because of that, maintenance parts can be shipped in a short time from all over the world to the installation site.

Grid stabilization even under harsh conditions

We gained more than 40 years of experience with grid operators and their requirements all over the
world. Therefore, our products and our servicesare able to compensate grid fluctuations and balance instabilities.

Personal dedication for your projects

Our philisophy is to dedicate to your personal requests. We take care of your projects and the
specific requirements.

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