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Seeing the yield and calculating the maximum output of the photovoltaic plant. With the comprehensive and monitoring system everything can be kept under control to analyze and evaluate the outcome of the photovoltaicplant. The system is providing access to day trend history data and yield figures, permits user-friendly configuration and software updating including wide ranging diagnostic options and features.

The Web functionality integrated into the PVMaster III as standard visualizes the system'scurrent status and data readings, provides access to day trend history data and yield figures,permits user-friendly configuration and software updating, and incorporates wide-rangingdiagnostic options and features. The Web interface is conveniently accessed using any computerbrowser.

Website access

Available Information

Inverter and Station status, Daily and total Energy reports,Inverter and String current (A), fault identification


Analyze data, Visualize yields, Create reports



System Requirements

Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 5, Google Chrome 14, Safari 5,
Opera 11, Java Script and Cookies activated, Silverlight

Graphical user interface (GUI)

  • Integrated into every PVMaster III
  • User-friendly, intuitive GUI
  • Multilingual user interfaces (German, English, French,
    Italian, Spanish, and many more)
  • Safety concept across multiple user levels (observer, fitter,
    expert, administrator) with authentication
  • Complex characteristic functions (such as in grid security
    management or relating to the grid stabilization functions)
    can be easily programmed via the GUI.


  • Display of current status, measurements and yield data
  • Display of day, month, year and total period history data
  • Display of event and error messages

Commissioning and


  • Intelligent plausibility checking prevents accidental misconfiguration
  • Country-specific presettings (e.g. grid monitoring or stabilization)


  • Generator diagnosis: Recording of generator characteristic
    to assess condition (module degradation).
    No need for expensive characteristic measuring equipment
  • Easy software update function updates the user interfaces
    in addition to the firmware and the country-specific

Integrated data logger

  • Records measurements and yield data
  • Quick access to archived data
  • Export of measurements in flexible, easy-to-read CSV
    format for customized processing

Support for external online portals

  • Support for MeteoControl, Sunmonitor, etc.
  • Support for additional online portals due to flexible export interface and configurable FTP client

Local or remote access

  • Local access by optional TFT LCD touch-screen or web
    browser via Ethernet port
  • Remote access with optional communication module via DSL, GSM etc.
  • Integration into a local network possible

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