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With our Smart Energy Conversion (SEC) technology, the energy of a moving electric machine is fed into a power grid, independent of the machine’s speed and frequency. The electric machine can be a rotating generator or one that moves linearly. Due to its high flexibility, the SEC system is used in cogeneration plants, small hydro and wind power plants, in a wide variety of turbine applications, and in regenerative power generation facilities.

Benefits with our products

  • Encoderless control
    Cost savings with reduced application complexity and increased user-friendliness.
  • Flexible power factor (cos phi)
    Optimum grid stability by providing reactive power.
  • Static and dynamic grid support, even with low-voltage ride-through *
    Significant cost savings because the oversizing of various components is not required.
  • Multitude of integrated interfaces
    Worldwide plant monitoring and perfect integration into the overall system.
  • Excellent architecture & optimised compactness
    Cost savings as the generator can also be used as a starter.

* according to the VDE-AR-N-4105 and BDEW standards

More benefits with SEC inverter

In the area of SEC, LTI ReEnergy offers an intelligent inverter system for regenerative energy production and feeding to a power grid. With the current systems, innovative solutions in the power range of 12 - 305 kVA can be implemented.

LTI ReEnergy has a professional and proven switch cabinet design and offers complete turnkey system solutions from a single source on request. Thanks to decades of professional experience, you can expect minimal planning efforts and fast construction of your plant.

It is possible to decouple the system frequency from the rotational speed of the generator. You can thus individually control your system speed at any time. This permits optimal operation that can be fit to your needs at any time and at the lowest operating costs. This decoupling also leads to a significantly longer service life and higher yields.

The overall efficiency of your plant is permanently enhanced by these benefits. When used in combined heat and power plants, the maintenance intervals and the service life of internal combustion engine components can also be extended due to significantly fewer restarts.

Explore your personal advantages with SEC

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Flexible energy generation using Smart Energy Conversion

Another advantage is the compliance with the requirements of DIN VDE-AR-N-4105 and the guidelines of the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW). The inverters monitor the relevant grid parameters at all times and provide integrated grid and plant protection, as well as reliable power system detection.

An additional advantage is thus that external monitoring systems are not needed, thereby reducing procurement costs. The system also supports the common network access conditions found throughout the world and can be used internationally.

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LTI ReEnergy on trade shows and conferences

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