• Central inverter for direct connection to a medium voltage transformer
  • MPP voltage range 590 V to 920 V
  • Applicable with all common module types
  • Maximum efficiency >98.8 %
  • Ambient temperature:  -10 °C to +50 °C
  • Cooling method: regulated air/liquid cooling
  • DC surge protector type 2
  • AC surge protector type 2 (auxiliary supply AC voltage)
  • DC main switch
  • AC short-circuit proofing
  • Insulation monitoring of PV generator
  • Extensive power factor control functions for static and dynamic grid stabilisation
  • Web server
  • Integrated data logger
  • Support for various online portals

Depending on the type of inverter, confirmity to the following standards and guidelines

  • UL 1741
  • CEI 0-16 (Italy)
  • BDEW guideline "Generating Plants Connexted to the Medium-Voltage Network"
  • DIN EN 62109, 61000-6-2, 61000-6-4

PVMaster III German Engineering meets global requirements

Maximum efficiency and optimum yield is assured by one of the most efficient inverter worldwide. The ultra compact inverter architecture reduces the BoS-costs of the whole plant. Additionally the unique design allows easy and fast maintenance and service. A permanently high availability and performance is given through the intelligent 3-point topology. PVMaster central inverters are developed and manufactured in Germany, USA and Turkey. The product development and production process incorporates all the technological know-how of the LTI Group.

A proven track record and strong technology base make the PVMaster III to an international suitable state-of-the-art central inverter. This success results from more than 40 years of experience in inverter technology - already installed over 1 million times. LTI ReEnergy's PVMaster III is suitable for harsh environments with low maintenance based on liquid cooling system. Moreover, our global partner cherish our support on optimized system design for PV projects which is based on profound engineering know-how.

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