• PVMaster Concrete Station for direct connection to the medium voltage system
  • Outdoor installation
  • MPP voltage range 570 V to 920 V
  • Applicable with all common module types
  • Maximum efficiency >98.8 %
  • Integrated measuring field
  • Ambient temperature:  -20 °C to +50 °C
  • Cooling method: regulated air/liquid cooling (self-contained system)
  • DC surge protector type 2
  • AC surge protector type 2 (auxiliary supply AC voltage)
  • DC main switch
  • AC short-circuit proofing
  • Insulation monitoring of PV generator
  • Extensive power factor control functions for static and dynamic grid stabilisation
  • Web server
  • Integrated data logger
  • Support for various online portals
  • Integrated medium voltage transformer
  • Integrated medium voltage switchgear
  • Air/liquid heat exchanger with pump

    Localized solution for large-scale solar power plants Concrete station

    Individually constructed for the Turkish market. LTI ReEnergy developed a concrete station for utility and large-scale photovoltaic projects. The unique benefit of the localized solution is the high level of locally produced components and local services. The scalable value added concept includes advantages over the whole process. As the concept is easy to adapt in foreign regions, LTI ReEnergy can perfectly fulfill local content requirements.

    The concrete solution comes as a fully integrated 1 MW station and will be also available in higher MW ranges. The MW station will include four PVmaster III cabinets that are enclosed in a concrete station with all additional components like transformers, medium-voltage switchgear and the whole configuration of the station.

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