• 20-foot PVMaster ISO-Container Station for direct connection to the medium voltage system
  • MPP voltage range 590 V to 920 V
  • Applicable with all common module types
  • Maximum efficiency >98.8 %
  • Full compliance to UL1741 and IEEE1547
  • NRTL/TUVus in preparation
  • DC surge protector type 2
  • AC surge protector type 2 (auxiliary supply AC voltage)
  • DC main switch
  • AC short-circuit proofing
  • Insulation monitoring of PV generator
  • Extensive power factor control functions for static and dynamic grid stabilisation
  • Web server
  • Integrated data logger
  • Support for various online portals
  • Integrated medium voltage transformer
  • Integrated medium voltage switchgear
  • Air/liquid heat exchanger with pump

    ISO-Container Solutions Including all necessary components

    The LTI ReEnergy ISO-Container station is the ideal turnkey solution in its both variants: on-grid and off-grid. The container station with its variable power range from 300 to 2000 kVA offers unlimited possibilities for meeting individual needs. Especially under harsh environmental conditions the optimized ISO-Container shows best performance.

    The containers solutions include all necessary components: PVMaster III inverter, LV and MV electrical equipment for fastand easy installation. The LTI ReEnergy ISO-Container station also impresses by its slim, lightweight design.

    Liquid cooled stations Longer lifetime operation

    Offering a liquid cooled station brings significant benefits. Thanks to the intelligent design the inverter and the complete turnkey solutions are optimized to work efficiently even under harsh environmental conditions.

    The reduction of dust in the cabinets and stations is reached through the closed liquid cooled system which leads to a longer lifetime of the inverter. By using components from the heavy industry the lifetime will be extended considerably.

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