Someone has to do it. Orchestrated by LTI ReEnergy

Someone has to do it.

A concert of great artists. The energy revolution is gaining momentum. Renewable energy is the future. To realize a lasting and secure energy supply, intelligent and integrated energy management systems are required to harmonically connect all energy sources available.

Network partner and system integrator

We are specialized in intelligent energy management systems. Our solutions for private and public energy suppliers and investors range from energy production to the actual use of energy. For that reason we bundle our partners' products and services into a highly stable offering. We develop plug & play systems for undeveloped regions and offer solutions to integrate with existing grids. Local companies are involved as required.

Experience and references

As a long-term partner of leading energy companies all over the world we have outstanding contacts and first class references. For more than 50 years we have developed and produced central inverters for large-scale power plants with a MW range of 1 MW or higher. These are successfully used in more than one million plants.

Highly efficient central inverters

Our central inverters for large-scale power plants are the core of our energy management systems. The liquid-cooled modules have high energy yields even in harsh environmental conditions and are easy to assemble and connect. They run very reliably with low maintenance costs and guarantee an efficiency rate of 98 % and higher - currently the best efficiency available in the market.

Integrated grid solutions for all energy sources.

1. Solar panels and rack systems
We integrate highly-efficient pv-modules and very robust racksystems.

2. Hydropower stations
We offer highly efficient solutions for the perfect integration of hydropower systems.

3. Cogeneration plants
We integrate the power of cogeneration plants flexibly and according to individual requirements.

4. Organic rankine cycle (ORC)
Our energy management systems feed in the electrical energy produced by biomass systems.

5. Gas turbines / diesel generators
To cover peaks of demand and in the transition period we use the energy produced by turbines and generators.

6. Smart metering box
As an exclusive partner we offer intelligent billing solutions for countries.

7. Storage
Our power storage solutions provide maximum storage capacity and highly reliable availability.

8. Traditional energies
Our integration solutions for energy produced by existing power plants guarantee highest efficiency.

9. Grid lines
We offer proven components and technologies to set up a secure power grid.

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