German Heart – Local Content Flexible production and value-added concept

German Heart – Local Content

German Engineering. Local Production.

The "local content" idea plays a central role in the increasing internationalisation of the photovoltaic market; if local companies are involved in the construction of a solar power plant, investors are increasingly able to benefit from local state funding. Against this background, LTI ReEnergy offers customers a highly flexible international value-added model.

The global photovoltaic market is growing rapidly. New studies have revealed that annual expansion will double by the year 2020. At the same time, competition is becoming fiercer within the electricity market as the number of electricity providers rises. Improving the investment return is therefore a key issue for planners. As a result, potential state funding is becoming more important, as the electricity generated is often more heavily subsidised if local companies are involved in system construction. Photovoltaic project planners are therefore looking for suppliers who fulfil the "local content" requirements through individual production solutions.

Five key benefits The local content concept.

  • Local content guidelines are easy to implement
    with scalable value-added models
  • Local production can be established quickly 
  • Transport costs and delivery times are reduced
  • Standard components used are easy to Service
  • Servicing expertise is available on site

Intelligent modular system.

LTI ReEnergy has a flexible production and value-added concept for manufacturing inverters and turnkey stations. The process is divided into four stages, from the production of the controlboard to the complete system. As a rule, the entire system is manufactured at the LTI ReEnergy site in Unna, Germany. However, specialists can outsource parts of their value-added chain to local partners at any time, thanks to the simple design and scalable technology. In this case, the electronic core components, for example, are manufactured in Germany, and production stages 3 and 4 (assembly of the cabinet and station) or just stage 4 are carried out in another country in order to comply with the "local content guidelines". However, German engineering is always ensured within the system.

Lower investment costs

The LTI ReEnergy concept has other key benefits for the production and subsequent servicing of the photovoltaic system. Only high-quality standard components are used. They are readily available worldwide, allow production to be started quickly and facilitate servicing later. Transport costs are also reduced in the production stage. At the same time, LTI ReEnergy experts use their know-how to ensure that local content production complies with the LTI ReEnergy standard.

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Cutting-edge technology German technology - internationally adaptable

LTI ReEnergy has decades of experience in developing and producing inverters. LTI ReEnergy technology has already been installed successfully in the global industrial sector more than a million times. The company uses cutting-edge technology; full inspections and endurance tests ensure the long lifespan of the products.

German technology.... internationally adapted

High standards are a firm part of the development of control boards and power electronics at LTI ReEnergy.


The complete „electronic heart“ of the central inverter, the PVOne power electronics and control board, is produced at LTI ReEnergy. Single-source production guarantees high quality and reliable planning.


PVOne is a compact and closed component, which makes servicing easier. The component can later be replaced as easily as a string inverter.


The central inverter is built using a new circuit topology, thereby ensuring an optimal yield from the photovoltaic system throughout its entire service life.


Only internationally proven technology is used for the assembly of PVMaster cabinets and stations. Installation is carried out within the shortest time possible and the entire project is completed quickly.

The modular design of PVMaster III solutions simplifies their assembly, whether at the LTI ReEnergy site or in international partner companies.

LTI ReEnergy technology and high quality standard components ensure a continued high yield throughout the lifetime of the photovoltaic system.


From the outset, LTI ReEnergy experts are involved in project planning and development. They also ensure, as part of this, that local partners are qualified to carry out manufacturing.

Added value

Power electronics developed especially for the photovoltaic market are supplied from Germany, and the complete solution is then produced by partners on site. With reduced transport costs, the costs of the photovoltaic system are reduced in the production stage.


The high-quality standard components are available worldwide and simplify servicing whilst simultaneously reducing maintenance costs.

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