Bankability Comprehensive security for your investments


High profititability Low risk

Required standard: 'Bankability' describes a company's trustworthiness and stability, with the focus on finances. However, technical expertise and global positioning are also taken into account. The factors have a mutual effect on each other. From the very beginning of construction of a large photovoltaic system, it is important to guarantee success throughout the system's entire operation time.

The supplier's economic strength is crucial when constructing a photovoltaic system, as the market is evolving at a high rate. Projects can only remain profitable throughout the lifetime of the system with continually stable technology partners. LTI ReEnergy offers customers the highest level of expertise and corporate security. Your photovoltaic investments are "built on a firm foundation".

Four central success factors

Rely on our strengths when making your investment decisions: We support our customers from the initial planning of a complete photovoltaic system. We have extensive experience in system construction and our technology is very flexible to implement. We attach particular importance to working with our customers to minimise financial risks, for example through close collaboration in each project phase.

Our strength - your security Cutting-edge technology for the future

Leading technology, long-term strategy provides LTI ReEnergy has an exceptional foundation. More than a million times we have been able to successfully implement the LTI ReEnergy Inverter technology in the industrial sector. Full inspections and endurance tests provide evidence of the long lifespan of the products.

Experts at LTI ReEnergy have been successfully advancing their development for years now. The financial independence and a long-term targeted company management enable above-average investments to be made in research and development. R&D expenses in the Group amount to over five per cent of sales. The clear focus on highly technical products is evident LTi ReEnergy important.

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