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Award-winning innovativeness: LTI ReEnergy recognised as TOP 100 company in Germany LTI ReEnergy is one of the most innovative SME companies in Germany / award presented by Ranga Yogeshwar

Award-winning innovativeness: LTI ReEnergy recognised as TOP 100 company in Germany

Unna - Success through entrepreneurial vision: On 26th June, LTI ReEnergy GmbH was recognised as one of the most innovative companies in Germany's small and medium sized (SME) sector at the German SME Summit in Essen. "Top 100" mentor Ranga Yogeshwar honoured the Unna-based company with the "Top 100" price, which has been awarded for more than 20 years now. Before receiving the award, LTI ReEnergy had undergone a two-stage scientific analysis procedure.

The renewable energy business is stagnating in Europe - this is why LTI ReEnergy GmbH, based in Unna (North Rhine-Westphalia) has taken up the challenge of mingling with the biggest players on the international stage.

For wind turbines, the "Top 100" company is the world's leading supplier of electrical pitch encoders. These are used to control the rotor blade adjustment, which protects the turbine from strong gusts of wind and storms, for example, optimising energy production. The company, which was founded in 2008, strategically repositioned itself in 2013 and has obviously been very successful since then: 70 percent of LTI ReEnergy's profits come from market innovations and innovative improvements that are brought to market before the competitors' products.

One of the top innovator's competitive advantages is its flexible added-value concept. "Due to the modular design, the inverter stations can easily be produced by international partners directly in the new markets," explains Managing Director Michael Bellmer. "Our broad technology base enables us to react flexibly to new applications and conditions." For example, leading-edge applications for small hydropower and wind systems have emerged from solutions for drive and automation technology. The company knows the needs of the market precisely: "We involve our customers early on in all phases of the project," says Bellmer. "So we are not only developing innovative solutions - we also make innovative services possible." The cycles that a product goes through before it comes onto the market are becoming ever shorter. Therefore, planners, power utilities and even final investors are involved early on in the developments.

 "Our proximity to customers and their early involvement in the planning process are key competitive factors for us," says Managing Director Michael Bellmer. "Therefore, we invest a lot of time and effort in our innovation management. We not only make innovations on our products; we see it as a holistic approach in order to be competitive in the future." The basis for the awarding of the "Top 100" seal is a two-stage analysis developed by Professor Nikolaus Franke and his team at the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Vienna University of Economics.