Research & Development

At our site in Unna, we are busy developing new solutions and services for drive technologies and high power electronics in the field of Renewable Energies.

In order to be able to offer reasonably priced solutions, we have continually extended our core competence in the field of:

  • control engineering
  • power electronics
  • software engineering
  • communication technology
  • electromechanical engineering and
  • project planning and engineering of switchboards

Innovation Networking

In this context the use of effective tools for the hardware and software development is as self-understood as our willingness and ability to work out the best possible (system) solution together with the customer and the user.

In order to remain an efficient partner and service provider in future we keep on identifying and optimizing new technologies and processes in national and international basic and research projects and develop them further for the use in new products.

Therefore we maintain strong relationships with universities and research institutes. This also comprises: supervision of student research projects and diploma thesis as well as company placements during the study at one of our sites.

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