Our understanding of Quality

Quality policy

The essential prerequisite for our commercial success is the quality of our products and services, giving due consideration to the safety of our employees and protection of the environment.Quality should not only reflect the expectations of our customers, but should be seen as a challenge to us to continuously improve, and so also to meet the rising demands of the market.
Continuous striving for improvement is an integral element of our quality policy.

To attain our corporate goals, we are steadily focused on implementing improvements in the
following key areas:

Our Corporate Values

    • Customer satisfaction: We are Körber, and we create added value for our customers.
    • Innovation: We are Körber, and we are innovators.
    • Connecting people and knowledge: We are Körber, and we interconnect our ideas.
    • Responsibility: We are Körber, and we take responsibility.
    • Focus on the future: We are Körber, and we aim for sustainable, profitable growth.

      To attain our corporate goals, we are steadily focused on implementing improvements in the following key areas:

        • Regular promotion by management of of quality awareness at all levels
        • Optimally trained and motivated employees
        • Cost cutting based on avoidance of defects
        • Optimizing work processes in all areas
        • •Cooperation with our partners
        • Inclusion of our suppliers in our processes                                                         
        • Planning, review and adjustment of our quality, safety and environmental protection goals

          Integrated Management System

          Our Group of companies bases its operations on a comprehensive, efficient organizational structure. This enables us to uphold our fundamental principles and to attain our corporate goals. Consequently, our system of Integrated Management is not restricted merely to assuring product quality, but rather establishes the framework for a comprehensive systematic approach encompassing other organizational elements and external requirements. Our environmental management system analyzes and minimizes the impact of our business on the environment. Our health and safety management ensures that the health and safety of our employees and of visitors to our company is preserved.
          In order to document our systems publicly, we conform to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. Systems are certified to recognized standards by an accredited test body.
          We also conform to more specific standards, such as the ISO 14001 environmental management standard and to the OHRIS Occupational Health and Risk Management System.